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Our company TEN the export network has been in existence for more than 10 years. In recent years we have been able to work together with many interesting people. We look back with a number of them, but we also look ahead to the coming years. What can we expect in the international food sector? Look and listen to these inspiring food entrepreneurs.

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Visiting Puccini Bomboni

Chocolatier Sabine van Weldam takes us into the world of Puccini Bomboni that extends beyond Amsterdam’s city center alone. Be seduced with this video about a professional with a passion for chocolate …

Visiting Brandt & Levie

Geert, Jiri and Samuel are three chefs with a mission: to inspire people to eat better meat. We went on a visit and heard from Geert everything about making the tastiest sausage from well-kept pigs and about the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Visiting Let’s Salsa

Kitchen Republic is a breeding ground for young food startups. Let de Jong with its Mexican / Californian hot sauces and tacos proves that there is potential in between. So, Let’s Salsa with this wonderful story.

Visiting De Molkerei

In recent months we have been able to work together with an inspired food entrepreneur on the Wadden Sea. Watch and listen to the frank story of Hedy Hartog about goat cheese and its derived products.


Op bezoek bij Mocca d’Or

Recentelijk bezochten wij koffiebranderij Mocca d’Or. Over succesvol ondernemerschap, internationale ambities en potentiële valkuilen gaat bijgaand interview met food ondernemer Wouter Jansen van Velsen.

Op bezoek bij Heks’nkaas

Afgelopen maand gingen we op bezoek bij Michel Wildenborg van Heks’nkaas. Bekijk onderstaand interview over een bedrijf met grote internationale ambities en een bijzondere kijk op het kaassegment…

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