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TEN the export network is specialist in export advice

Are you looking for advice for your foreign projects? Then you have come to the right place! The experts of TEN the export network specialise in providing an expert and tailor-made export plan.


Advice for global export of foodstuffs

Many different aspects must be taken into account when exporting foodstuffs. Together with you, we go through the various steps to get a suitable and effective export advice for your company. These steps include determining an export strategy, market selection, partner search, positioning and market entrance.

We look very critically at the distinctive character of your concept, company or service, so that we can estimate your chances of international success as accurately as possible. In a follow-up phase we can also support you in the implementation of the drawn up plan

Want to know more about your export opportunities? Please contact TEN the export network! We are happy to help you.

After that the real work begins!

As co-entrepreneurs we are aware that after the advisory phase the real work begins. In practice you run against all those things that seemed so simple from behind the desk. Because we have been in the international world of food for years and have experienced all these problems, we are also offering added value to our clients on this aspect. We prefer to help with the implementation of our advice, in setting up new markets, searching partners, introducing concepts to retailers. For more information on the implementation of our export advice, see export execution.


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