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It is a relief to enter an Edeka-Zurheide in discount retail country Germany. The indication ‘Erlebnis-supermarkt’ makes expectations rise, but they definitely come true. Besides the usual supermarket assortment that is nicely presented you find different counters with special, quality products. These are prepared on the spot and you can take them away or enjoy them on the spot. A typical example of ‘blurring’.  Of course, the atmosphere has changed somewhat during corona. Here, too, you can shop with a mouthcap, as in the whole of Germany, but you still can devour the purchased delicacies on the spot.

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At the moment 8 Zurheide’s are active in the German market, not far from the Dutch border. In Düsseldorf im Crown on the Berliner Allee you can find 53,000 products, of which around 1,000 under own ‘Zurheide’ label. There is a large assortment exotic fruits and vegetables, cheese, meat and wine counters where you can taste products and have a meal. Chefs cook your pasta ‘fatto in casa’ for lunch, and afterwards you can enjoy an espresso with a typical German delicacy (Laugenstange, Sachertorte or Windbeutel) in the patisserie. Another option is a vega Mint-Ratatouille in vegan restaurant Pythagoras or maybe you opt for a nice, fresh sushi in the Sushi Bar with a juice from the Saft & smoothie bar. And for everyone who wants a more exclusive lunch, a caviar and champagne option can be found in the Champagne Club Bar. With a choice out of 150 cuvées from over 30 champagne houses there must be something special to be found. Of course, you pay more for this type of lunch and considering the few interested guests this counter is not for everybody a logical choice.  

Edeka Zurheide Feine Kost is over 10 years active in Düsseldorf. It all started with the location at the Nürnbergerstrasse in Reisholz and the 10-year anniversary was celebrated last year with a Gourmet festival in the new ‘Im Crown’ location in downtown Düsseldorf. For one day the 12,000 square meters were transformed into a location for first class catering where chefs and suppliers presented themselves to the professional and culinary public. An event we can only dream of nowadays… 

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