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Are you looking for an export manager with extensive experience in food and export and a global network? Someone who manages your export management professionally, pragmatically and result-oriented? Experience shows that few people fit into this particular profile.

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TEN The export network takes care of your export performance

Because of our many years of work in this sector, we have everything you need to manage your export performance. We have experience in driving export partners, the Positioning of export concepts and the improving existing export activities. In addition, we can advise you on cultural differences, communication and Sales activities. Can we possibly mean something to you? Please feel free to Please contact us

We look very critically at the distinctive character of your concept, company or service, so that we can estimate your chances of international success as accurately as possible. In een vervolgfase kunnen wij u ook ondersteunen bij de uitvoering van het opgestelde plan. Want to know more about your export opportunities? Please contact TEN the export network! We are happy to help you.

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TEN the export network

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