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Nomad Foods is market leader in frozen products in Western-Europe, including different iconic brands like Iglo, Birds Eye and Findus. The company wants to expand to other continents, and started in North-America. Mexico seems to be a promising market, reason to ask TEN to find a reliable distributor for Nomad Foods.


First of all, we analyzed the Mexican market paying attention to the development of frozen food, the different product categories, competitors, price developments etc. Of course, macro-economic developments also play a role in these kinds of markets, but there indeed seemed to be a substantial target group for Nomad. We set up a partner profile, describing the criteria the ideal distributor should meet. Based upon these criteria we screened hundreds of different potential partners to come to a long list of 12 companies. We visited 6 of these companies; during these meetings we gathered additional information to come to a shortlist of 3 distributors.


All market data and distributor information was presented to and shared with the Nomad Foods management, who agreed with the selection process, the ranking and the final choice for distributor number 1.

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